Gitoqlik extension renamed into Gitoqlok (git+o'clock) due to legal issues. So, our site of the browser extension will be moved to

Lesson #1 - if you want to contribute to the Qlik community, think twice. One hand of the Qlik can type "We are supporting you," The other hand can send you a letter and pressure. But maybe it is just misunterstanding in my case.

Nevertheless as far as I understood, I cannot use the title "gitoqlik" anywhere and must delete mentions about it.

It is demotivating my team and me.

Gitoqlik was started as a little side-project. Me (Alex Polorotov) and my team invested free time in it. Yes, it was a stupid idea to take a name like that. Bringing a free mature version control system to the Qlik ecosystem is the core idea, so that's why Gitoqlik (Git+Qlik) title seemed to me logically.

And in my mind, Gitoqlik is not software. It is the conception that could finally bring to us (Qlik Community) mature development processes and CI\CD. Something like Qlik Deployment Framework, but with filled gaps - source version control, code package management, continuous integration, and deployment. That's why I called it Gitoqlik.

I ask for support from you. We want to save, resources and transform them into knowledge databases about CI\CD and git best practices in the Qlik community.

If our software helps you and you share our point of view, or maybe you use Git to manage your team with any other software, please share your experience, ideas on Linkedin, Twitter with the hashtag #gitoqlik
Maybe it will show that there is no any malice and no damage to Qlik's reputation from "gitoqlik" title.

Finally gitoqlik is not a product. Gitoqlik is the way to make developers life happier and give freedom from "dev-copy hell."

Magic buttons is hidden by default
We are hiding magic buttons "set a screnshot", "timemachine", "diff-viewer" by default because of end user agreement doesn't accepts to change the Qlik UI.

To switch it on please use selector in popup window (see screenshot). But be careful, because its may violate the Qlik end-user-license-agreement.

P.S. we are working to move that buttons away from the Qlik UI.
Gitoqlik was free to use for everybody.

Gitoqlok will be free to use for everybody.

But product need predictible revenue stream to bring business value just-in-time, provide high quality. We want to extend team for doing that.

We are planning to extend our team from part-time developers to 2 full-time senior JS developers and 1 community manager.

So, you can support us by donation.
Features that will be in the next version
Task&triggers serialization
Migrate task and triggers between enviroments with minimum effofrt
Data connections serialization
Migrate data connections between enviroments with minimum effofrt
Deploy app from branch
Choose wich version of the app you want to deploy and/or replace existing published app.
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